Welcome to theodramatix. As the name suggests, this blog is all about God, and all about drama, and all about connecting with those (and trying to convince others) who believe, like me,  that the two belong together. If I could have included other things – like ‘art’, ‘music’, ‘poetry’, ‘playfulness’, ‘painting’, ‘wine’, ‘food’ and ‘song’ – I would have, but it wasn’t making for a snappy title.

The underlying belief that guides this blog, and it’s author, is that the life of the spirit, the soul, or whatever you wish to call that which connects us most profoundly to one another, to our world, and – for those whose imaginations will extend so far – to God, is accessed,and engaged with, primarily through the imagination, our creative centre. The imagination is the house of the spirit – where we discover the resources to encounter and experience and to shape our lives and world in new, transformative ways. That, I also believe, is what we are invited to believe, through the life, texts and traditions of the Christian community (and also other religious communities). Unfortunately, that is not always made very clear in many local incarnations of that community. My aim is to try and counter that.

What does that mean for how we live and engage faith in our lives and our world? Well, that’s what we can explore together, as I continue online what I try to engage and emody in my vocation/s as an artist and church minister. A WARNING though: as my congregations have already discovered, when you dare to run with the imagination, things can get, well, let’s just say a little ‘interesting’. Ok, sometimes downright weird. But as my fridge magnet assures me on a daily basis (because I need it) ‘weird is just the side effect of awesome’. (Rule number one: never let the truth get in the way of a good story).


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